Krugger/Diemoz Win Marathon
Robles/O'Brien Take Half Honors
Krugger Lis Diemoz Robles OBrien
Gary Krugger Lisa Diemoz Norberto Robles Courtney O'Brien
Men's Marathon Women's Marathon Men's Half Marathon Women's Half Marathon
2:43:52 3:38:21 1:11:22 1:31:30
Complete Official 2015 Results and Times



Male and Female Records Set in Half Marathon

It became a record-setting day for the half marathon race in both the male and female divisions. In the male group the top three finishers bested the previous record of 1:17:33 held by Dan Kuch of Havasu City, AZ. Norberto Robles of Peoria, AZ finished first at 1:11:22, followed by Jonathan Volpi of Houston, TX with a time of 1:12:04. Dan Kuch finished third in 1:15:48 besting his old record time set in 2013.

In the female division, the top three finishers also bested the previous record set by Aybuke Keehn in 2013 of 1:35:25. Courtney O'Brien took first place with a 1:31:30 time, Aybuke Keehn was second with a 1:33:26 and Jessica Romagnoll was third with a time of 1:34:10. All three runners are from Yuma.

Yuma Territorial Marathon and Half Marathon Record Holders

Krugger Defends Marathon Title, Diemoz Is Top Female

Gary Krugger of Flagstaff, AZ took the men's title with a time of 2:43:52, Californian Charles Vasquez was second with a time of 3:16:37.

Lisa Diemoz of Martinez, CA won the female division with a time of 3:39:21, followed by Amy Sautter of Yuma with a 4:02:52 and Teri Jones of Wellton, AZ was third with a time of 4:15:48

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